Joseph Andrew Stack Suicide Mission Fly Plane into IRS Building.

In Breaking News on February 18, 2010 at 9:01 pm

If you haven’t been paying to the news, then you’ve missed today’s horrible instance – Reportedly Joseph Andrew Stack intentionally flew his plane into a building that housed IRS workers. His flight was obviously intentional and his warning was virtually on the digital highway, the web for days – Today, the Suicide letter of one Joseph Andrew Stack is bouncing around online like a pinball machine – The obvious attention he may have set to get has been achieved.

His initial plans were underway weeks ago. It is being reported that he had burned his house down only a short while ago, while preparing this deadly flight –

By reading the letter he had digitally left, he expressed anger toward the Government, executives, and of course the tax gods themselves the IRS – You can watch this latest news as it unfolds on CNN.

  1. Violence is NOT the answer …

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