6 “What were They Thinking Costumes” For Adult Eyes Only!!!! Part One!

In Holidays, Online Shopping on September 15, 2010 at 2:51 pm

Sometimes it just doesn’t seem right, but you know there is always that one person that shows up with a wacky off the wall costume, that may offended someone, usually it does, but, boy sometimes it can be hilarious, specially if you mix a R rated costumes with a R rated Sense of Humor.

Here are 10 Costumes that you simply cannot believe they make them:

Holy Shit Adult Costume1.  The Holy Shit Adult Costume

camille toe costume adult2. Camille Toe Adult Costume — WTF!!!

Adult Brick House Costume3.  Brick house adult Woman’s Costume

Funny Freshman Adult Costume4. Freshman 15 Adult Costume – “Are You kidding Me?”

Giant Boob Costume5. Giant Boob Adult Costume

Happy Camper Costume6. Happy Camper Costume for Adults

See More Funny Costumes….


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