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Facebook is exploding – What lies in the Future

In Social Networking on March 6, 2010 at 5:32 am

First it was Friendster, then came Myspace, now Facebook has become one of the most used web sites on the web. Social networking has exploded over the past few years, and the future is bright for the likes of Facebook. Myspace as moved behind Facebook for the top social networking spot.

With the ability to connect via mobile with cellphones, PDA’s, and other devices that give people the ability to update on the run, Facebook has become an interesting player that may perhaps challenge Google as the most visited web site on the web. It seems that Facebook has especially connected with the older crowd as well as the young. They provide an easy way to stay connected, unlike most other Social Networks such as Myspace, which may seem complicated for those who are not all to familiar with the technology and tend to be bogged down due to the overloaded advertisements, graphics and scripts.

Facebook browsing tends to be less frustrating then their counterparts, and provide a simple way to explore, network, and connect like never before. The ceiling is truly undefined for what Facebook will do and will become. We are just seeing the beginning of something special.