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Speaking of Snuggies, Now comes The Original Dreamie!

In Online Shopping on February 22, 2010 at 4:57 pm

Everyone by now knows about the Snuggies, but here comes another incredibly ridiculous “Why didn’t I think about that idea?” The Original Dreamie – The top sheet, bottom sheet, and pillow all in one system. Really, is it a new idea, in concept, no, but in this day of age it doesn’t have to be. Just like the Snuggie, which looks like a backward robe, the Dreamie Blanket is basically a sleeping bag, but with sheets.

Basically in the whole aspect of the concept of the dreamie, the idea may seem stupid at first thought, but over time and after seeing the As seen on TV sensation, you come to realize that maybe this idea may be useful after all. It really didn’t necessarily hit till recently. Since I love to travel, and do spend a few nights a year in a hotel, it finally struck me, The dreamie is the perfect solution to sleeping on those “I Don’t Know what’s happen on these” Sheets.

The Dreamie may haveĀ  a use after all, if you are a traveler, then the Dreamie Blankets…….


NFL Snuggie, Maybe I’ll Think About it.

In Online Shopping on February 18, 2010 at 8:22 pm

Admitting that I use to laugh every time I heard about the As seen on TV Snuggie. Really, why would someone pay the prices they charge for snugges, when it seems to be nothing more than a backwards robe. I’m sure it’s warm, but I could never see myself purchasing one of these “Snuggie” sensations, well until now.

Okay I’m a fool for sports and now that I’ve seen that they have NFL Huddlers, which are the same concept of Snuggies, I may just have to break the bank open and get me one. Serious look at these Steelers NFL Huddlers, they really don’t look that bad and hey on a cold winter day, at least you will be covered with your favorite team’s helmet plastic all over it. So I think I’ve decided, if I have to get one of these backward robes, then at least I’ll get one that allows me to represent my favorite NFL team. Now the problem begins I just got to find a Detroit Lions Huddler…..